Monday Morning Blues

Well, Hello again Monday! The day that everyone dreads. It is a reminder that we have to start an entire week again of work or school. Sitting at my desk with my tea in hand, staring at my screen after having a lovely long weekend. Since I took last week Friday off. Over 200 emails... Continue Reading →


Creativity Loss

It has been 11 days since my last post - What's happened to my creativity spark???? I have all these topics, headings and one-liners in my drafts but the words are just not flowing. Now I have just decided to rant about it. It's always easier to complain about something than to do anything about... Continue Reading →

Caught Up In Life

As I sit and stare at this beautiful winters day, I watch the wind blow through the trees and the leaves that gently start to drift off. What a peaceful feeling. After a week of hustle and bustle, always busy being busy. One rarely takes the time out to stop and as they say 'smell... Continue Reading →

A Little Piece of Heaven

I had a craving for Waffles but not just any waffles, I wanted Belgian waffles or something similar. Unfortunately the best waffle place is in Durban..... I live in Joburg, so a bit of a problem. My Fiance then decided "Hey Google waffles in Johannesburg" and Google being awesome found a little cafe called Jo... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photography Challenge: Friend

My Bestie - the friend challenge has always been a difficult one for me. I don't always make friends easily but when I do they become gems that I cherish. She is not only my bestie but my amazing Maid of Honour - I couldn't ask for better

Creative Newbie

Buenos Dias / Hi There Why blog, this is something I thought of for years. I love writing and putting thoughts into words but still why blog. I guess my love for language, writing and sharing answers my question but what took me so long. FEAR!! The fear of not being good enough or not... Continue Reading →

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