#SocialStar – I am it

As you become an adult your risk taking becomes less!

You start worrying about all the things that you must first take care of before you can take that risk or start that journey or build that business. We lose our childlike ability to grab opportunities and be young wild and free.

I have decided to be brave and bold and do something I never would because of fear and doubt in myself. @Jo-Ann Strauss and @Samsungsa are hosting an awesome opportunity for 3 people to travel to @mauritiusza and learn the business side of Social Media.

I Entered 🙂 🙂 🙂

I want to be the next #SocialStar and I know I can do it if given the chance. This is going to force me to step out my comfort zone and embrace something new and exciting.

I have become quite passionate about social media and how it adds to the event. This fits so well into my everyday job and would be such a benefit.

I could really use all the help to earn my place in the top 3. If you not too busy and have some time.

Please check out my Video entry on these sites: like/comment/RT/Post

I need as many likes/comments/retweets/ reposts as possible 🙂




Thank you in advance for helping make this possible. It is highly appreciated 🙂



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