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Honeymoon Body

The normal goals out there is to have a summer body or to be summer ready.

Well in my case it’s the same thing except I’m calling it Honeymoon Body ready 🙂

I am nowhere near fat, in fact, I could do with a bit more meat on my body. So yes I do eat the cheese burger, fries and maybe a milkshake often.

There seems to be a notion that skinny people are fit…. That’s a Lie!!!! I may be skinny but I am far from fit or healthy. I cannot walk up stairs without feeling out of breath but I make sure I look good doing it 🙂 haha

We are getting married in three months so my goal is to look and feel Honeymoon Body ready. You see all these beautifully built women on the beach on Instagram and man I wanna be them. I want to be toned and looking fit for my Honeymoon in December.

Because I tone easily, the real challenge is going to be eating right and going to the gym regularly. I can be quite lazy and I am very good at excuses.

With spring arriving today comes a new season and hopefully a new attitude. I guess it starts with: I Believe I Can!

Oh boy, this is gonna be interesting… Wish me luck 🙂


*featured image was taken from google (no that is not me)


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