Allow yourself time to vacation!!!

Yes, I went to work originally but decided to make a weekend of it. After planning a huge event it was nice not having to jump back on a plane home right after the event.

My fiance flew to Cape Town to join me for the weekend. It felt good to get away from the stress of work, life and wedding planning. We allowed ourselves to de-stress.

The beautiful ocean views, what a calming space. Feeling the wind in our hair, feet in the sand just loving life.

Tried some really cool restaurants. For Breakfast La Bella Bistro & Bakery in Camps Bay beautiful view and good food

Tried W Cafe(Woolworths cafe) for the first time at the V&A.. Wow it was good.

For lunch, we went to one of my mom’s favourites which ultimately became one of mine. The Blue Peter Hotel. Amazing view, great food and awesome staff.

I had the most amazing dessert ever. It was like heaven on the palate. Dalliance Restaurant and Bar. We had Cheesecake with pineapple ice cream and Iced Nougat and fruit…. WOW!!!

The weekend was just what we needed and so much more. One can’t help but love Slaapstad (Sleepy Town)



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