The Bachelor at work…. Wait What?

As I was watching the Bachelorette (One of America’s biggest reality shows), I thought to myself “Oh Wow” this could so easily be compared to the workplace

In the bachelor/bachelorette, the contestants are all vying for one person’s attention, affection, approval etc. Throughout the season all the contestants band together against one person who is then seen as the villain. They proceed to make this known to the bachelor or bachelorette and most of the time at the end the villain wins the show.rehost201691327fd130c-9cbe-4fbf-b29c-3d5bb1b121a0bachelorette-style-bad

Now the workplace is quite similar, no you not vying for your boss’s affection or attention but the recognition and approval, now that does go a long way. In a group of employees, there is always one person that the group cannot stand. Here’s how it relates to the reality show – the employees will complain and make mention of all the things that the one employee(villain) does to their boss and they will discuss amongst themselves but somehow, in the end, it goes unnoticed or unchanged. The villain wins yet again….People working in the office

This could also be very one-sided as not all companies are the same but I’ve found it to be a common thread from people I’ve spoken with regarding their work environment.

What do you think? Have you ever felt this? Have you been in a situation like this?

I’d love to know your thoughts…. Have an awesome Friday 🙂



*all images were taken off Google


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