Monday Morning Blues

Well, Hello again Monday! The day that everyone dreads.

It is a reminder that we have to start an entire week again of work or school. Sitting at my desk with my tea in hand, staring at my screen after having a lovely long weekend. Since I took last week Friday off. Over 200 emails that need a response, the Monday Blues kick in even stronger.


Cold weather and Monday mornings are quite the bummer. So we suck it up, put on our brave faces and face this dreaded day with all the pretence we can muster. We smile and ask how everyone’s weekends went, while silently wishing we could go back to bed.



Good luck out there and stay warm. May today go quickly with all the success you need. Keep the coffee fresh and your head up. Someday it will all pay off. When you feel like quitting just remember why you started.



*all images were taken off Google


One thought on “Monday Morning Blues

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  1. Love that…. thought for the day: Remember why you started – remember that first day filled with excitement and nerves and hope for what lay ahead….

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