Have you ever had that feeling of throwing your hands in the air, going home and getting back into bed? I certainly have! Or you think to yourself why the hell was I not born rich. and if you had been born rich, how would you spend your life, what would you have done as... Continue Reading →


Woman You Are!

Woman, you are strong and beautiful. Don't let anybody tell you differently. No matter your age, shape, size or skin colour, You are Worthy and never forget it! Be brave and bold to stand for what you want and need, because you to have a voice that should be heard. Be a light in this... Continue Reading →

#SocialStar – I am it

As you become an adult your risk taking becomes less! You start worrying about all the things that you must first take care of before you can take that risk or start that journey or build that business. We lose our childlike ability to grab opportunities and be young wild and free. I have decided... Continue Reading →

Honeymoon Body

The normal goals out there is to have a summer body or to be summer ready. Well in my case it's the same thing except I'm calling it Honeymoon Body ready 🙂 I am nowhere near fat, in fact, I could do with a bit more meat on my body. So yes I do eat... Continue Reading →

Beauty Masks & Sick Days

Been sick over a weekend is quite horrible but I guess worked great for me this past weekend because it was quite cold! In my boredom I decided to use my new skin product from Nu Skin - and I got my fiance to join in 🙂 Don't mind his expression, he enjoyed every minute... Continue Reading →

Find Your Happiness

My thought for the day - Find things that make you happy! Whether it's your cup of coffee in the garden, a walk, or your furry friend. Find small things throughout the day that makes you happy. See the beauty and playfulness and in those stressful moments take a breath, remember your happy place and... Continue Reading →


Allow yourself time to vacation!!! Yes, I went to work originally but decided to make a weekend of it. After planning a huge event it was nice not having to jump back on a plane home right after the event. My fiance flew to Cape Town to join me for the weekend. It felt good... Continue Reading →

The Bachelor at work…. Wait What?

As I was watching the Bachelorette (One of America's biggest reality shows), I thought to myself "Oh Wow" this could so easily be compared to the workplace In the bachelor/bachelorette, the contestants are all vying for one person's attention, affection, approval etc. Throughout the season all the contestants band together against one person who is then seen... Continue Reading →

A Beautiful View

Ways to relieve stress.... A Beautiful View Sitting in a new office that overlooks a beautiful community park has definitely lifted my Friday. The pressures of work life or life, in general, can be very draining and sometimes daunting but a change of scenery or environment can lift one's mood. Looking out at the park... Continue Reading →

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